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100 years Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: browse, experience and share!

Inspiration and research: what ís a web documentary?


How to make a web documentary? What ís a web documentary? This was the starting point for Bits and Bytes United for pitching for an assignment of Schiphol 100 years. There are so many descriptions and such a varied examples we’ve found: webdocs, i-docs, new media documentaries, docu-games, cross-platform documentaries, interactive documentaries and more. Where to start? What […]

Welcome @Bits & Bytes United!


After a mesmerizing and in-depth (mind blowing) diving trip in the Red Sea in Egypt I dared to take a plunge into the deep and started my own company. For years I played with the web (some call it work) and encountered the beauty and the beast. I am a hunter-gatherer and curious, I want to […]