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After a mesmerizing and in-depth (mind blowing) diving trip in the Red Sea in Egypt I dared to take a plunge into the deep and started my own company. For years I played with the web (some call it work) and encountered the beauty and the beast. I am a hunter-gatherer and curious, I want to share, (co-)create and remix. I am inspired by so many treasures of the web: Brainpickings.org, Museumtwo.blogspot.nl,  Archive.org/web,  Xkcd.com, Explore.brainpickings.orgRhizome.org and more. With so much dazzling beauty, innovation, creativity, where to start?

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Webregisseur and webarchaeologist
In my wild years I studied contemporary history in Amsterdam and Berlin. Next I worked -with great fun and joy- in a book center and volunteered at a local radio station in Amsterdam. Worked for several (new) media companies. Started at the internet pioneer and playground De Digitale Stad, the first virtual city in the world. Then worked for ICATT, Anno, Het Parool, Creative Cities Amsterdam Area (at the Amsterdam Innovation Motor), Amsterdam Economic Board and started to freelance for EuropeanaDuitslandweb and Amsterdam Museum. Now my work varies from being a ‘webregisseur’ (webmaster and project/content/community manager), trainer, (international) lecturer to a guest e-curator and webarchaeologist.

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Getting a identity
I got a great gift from a colleague and kindred spirit Arnoud van den Heuvel. He offered to help me to create my logo and identity. Arnoud is an inspiring graphic designer who studied at the Sandberg Institute in the Netherlands. A designer who -ceaseless- challenges his discipline and himself. With humor, given his slogan ‘Fronti nulla fides’ (no reliance can be placed on appearance; op het uiterlijk kan men niet afgaan). He contributes to NextNature.net, a website that radically shift ones notion of nature. And he co-founded Don’t Do It Yourself (watch the movie) with designer and programmer Marcel van der Drift (watch one of his projects Andereachterhuizen.nl). DDIY is a platform enabling people to get together with other professionals, exchanging ideas, skills, drinks and helping eachother.

Next to Arnoud I got inspired by the Brand Personality Spectrum (a quiz to ‘Uncover Your Brand Personality in 10 Minutes’, ha!) and so many logo’s you see at this page.

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After designsessions and walks in the woods we combined my endorsements, skills and future dreams in… Bits and Bytes United, your reboot agency.

Thanks Arnoud for a inspiring journey into indentifying my unknown knows!


The logo’s that inspired me:

and so many more…



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